We're not quite sure how they let us in, but Session 5 at Windells is going to be the edgiest session yet—The Skeleton Crew Session. That's right; from July 16 to July 23rd we'll be taking over summer camp.

We've been up on hill scouting around and the setup at Windells has been killer. We've blueprinted it out and have a sweet Dream Feature in the works—it's something like a mini pipe but way more rugged and littered with side hits, big and small tranny finders, jibs, bonks, slides, and broken bones. We're also gonna host the first ever Air Limbo contest, as a high speed skate race around the Windells campus, and Skeleton Crew versus everybody else at camp in a kill or be killed game of paintball among other high risk activities.

We'll have a rotating cast of characters up there, but be on the lookout for Nick Dirks, Alex Sherman, Jarad Hadi, Tyler Verigin, Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, Jared Johnson, Jed Anderson, Bernie, and some more of our friends. If you're signed up already then you're Go listed and we're psyched to get up there and hang out with you. If you haven't signed up they still have a few spots left—stay off the No list and sign up today, then you can shred with us and shoot us in the head with paintballs at the funnest place on earth next week!