The venue was Brewvies, the drink of choice was Monster, the DJ was Matty Mo, the action was straight fire.

Photos: Sean Kerrick Sullivan
Words: Alex “Littlest” Sherman

The hype has been building up for Skeleton Crew's third movie ‘Media Offline’ and Skeleton Crew came through with the fire that everyone has been waiting for all summer. On Saturday night at Brewies in Salt Lake City the club was poppin' and the drinks weren't stoppin' — well at least till we ran through our bar tab. The movie was about to start so I walked into the theater to find a seat and looked around and realized I was in the wrong theater cause the only people I saw were nerds. I walked into the right theater and it was at full capacity, everyone had drinks in hand, excited for the movie to start.

Top left: the brothers Siebert, Griffin and Zach // top right: Ramblin' Rob Millon // bottom left: Blake Paul and Sam Taxwood // bottom right: Justin Keniston, Ted Borland, Ian Boll, Sean Lucey

Mitch "Hardbody" Richmond and Garret "Worm" Warnick opened up the movie with a banger part. "Stoked I got into the movie, pretty much set the bar for the entire night, also stoked to see all the other under agers there too" -Worm. All the homeys were in attendance everyone came out to celebrate and witness the world premiere go down. I'd say a stand out for the night that went down would be everyone chanting Joseph Arguello's name when the movie came to and end. The soundtrack for the movie was keeping everyone pumped with G-code beats, classic rock and a rider list full of all homeys and no nerds — you couldn't go wrong. This will be another Skeleton Crew movie that will not be forgotten and talked about for years.

top left: Spencer Naess and John John // top right: Pouch and Sam Spedale // bottom left: Dirty Fraher

I want to give a big thanks to Cody Rosenthal for putting in so much hard work into editing the movie, Evan LeFevbre for backing the movie and help make everything happen, all the filmers that contributed footage, Joseph "Ross" Arguello for being the best intern ever, and all the riders that helped Skeleton Crew come together.

top left: Durell Williams and Shane Wright // top right: Parker Duke, Cody Rosenthal, Jeff Kramer // bottom left: Joseph Arguello and Pat Fenelon // bottom right: Dylan Thompson and Ben Bilocq

We went back to partying, DJ Matty Mo was on the 1's & 2's getting everyone all the way turnt up. "Skeleton Crew is taking it back to that RAW shit, if you don't know you better ask somebody "(air horn sound effects) – Matty Mo. We took the party to Spedelli's owner Mac Spedale's house where we had the after party, cant tell you that much about what went down except we all got laid. ;)

Make sure you got all the ingredients to get a lil twisted before you watch Media Offline cause its about to drop on next week Wednesday the 14th. Its only going to be online for one day, so get there while you can!

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