Sneak Peek of the New Issue: October 2018 SNOWBOARDER Magazine Out Now!

Ojo Forever. The latest cover, shot by Oli Gagnon, features Dillon Ojo hitting a pole-jam gap to 50-50 in Helsinki, Finland. A style, life, and energy never to be forgotten.

On the inside, our latest issue (Oct. 2018) features some familiar and unfamiliar faces from the up-and-coming vanguard of professional snowboarding. Blake Paul sits down for his detox interview from LANDLINE. and the following season. We take a look at 22 riders under 21 that you should know outside of Red Gerard and Chloe Kim. The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Beta riders are officially introduced to the world via print. And to balance out the age gap, we tapped Pat Moore to test the best park boards for you to ride this upcoming winter in the Blackboard Experiment.

Check out a few sneak peeks of the spreads above, and get to your local #SNOWBOARDERFREEPRESS shop to pick up a free copy. If you don’t live near one of our 200+ shops, check out the SEASON PASS offer where you get all of the latest issues, a shirt, socks, hat, and more sent right to your door!

Hope you enjoy our latest volume.

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