words: Mary Walsh
photos: Mike Yoshida and Mary Walsh
captions: a collaborative we’re sorry

Saturday, September 12th, Snowboard on the Block returned to the streets of Denver for the third annual installment of this Colorado winter kick off. Two blocks were fenced off and filled with screens and stages on which to premiere a grip of the most-anticipated films of 2015, including Deja Vu Encore, Videograss Videogracias, Think Thank Methods of Prediction, Absinthe Eversince, L1 Americana, Bucket List Nothing to Prove…this list of movies was almost as long as the line of eager snowboarders waiting for the gates to open at noon to get into the event. With the sun blazing in the sky above the Mile High City, denizens of Denver traversed the line up of brand booths as the sounds of Trinidad James, Bob Goblin, and Talib Kweli wafted through the high altitude air.

Despite summertime temps, the SOTB crew piled plenty of snow onto a two-story scaffold set-up for the Vans Van Doren Off the Wall Pro Jam rail jam that started the afternoon with the technical rail stylings of Riley Nickerson, Brendan Gerard, Scotty Vine, Lucas Magoon, Nial Romanek, Dylan Alito, Jesse Paul and even more talented competitors. When all was said and done, it was Alito, a Denver local, who took top honors and walked away with a giant Vans shoe trophy and 2,000 green backs.

Down the block from the Vans rail jam, there was a mini to skate. Lines formed at foodtrucks, curing the munchies with chicken quesadillas and falafel. Crowds gathered in the sponsor village to check out fresh gear from Never Summer, Hobo Headwear, Zeal, Smokin’, Nightmare and more. If anyone in Colorado didn’t already have snowboarding on the mind, SOTB ushered in winter with a definitive blow. And then the movies began to play.

With so many quality films to check out, it was impossible to catch everything you wanted to see. 2015 is offering up a heavy line up of films, both bigger budget and DIY. TWS, Abinsthe and the local film The Last Champions by the Nightmare crew packed the large indoor theater while the first showing of Airblaster’s Side Hit Society and the L1 movie drove crowds in the screening room. Outside, where the sun played fickle games with a massive screen in the street, Think Thank, Videograss, Deja Vu and The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD made their first public appearances. Bright light and technical issues affecting viewing aside, Think Thank, VG, and Deja Vu came through with banger films this year. We’ll save the details from each film for individual posts about the movies, but there were multiple mind-blowing parts. We’ve gone over how excellent Methods of Prediction is (though we will say it again, it’s awesome), Louif and Jed came through with heaters, Tommy Gesme and Layne Treeter turned all of the heads, and Mark Wilson–we need a re-watch of your segment because it looked sick as heck (tech issues prevented a clean viewing, so we’ll be checking Videogracias out again ASAP). Cheers filled the lot as the CO crowd mixed with the riders, many of whom who were checking out their segments for the first time. This is but a sampling, all of the riders in these films provided some mental maneuvers, more extrapolation from SNOWBOARDER to come. It’s a banner year for snowboard films.

As the sun set, The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD played in full for its world premiere. Jake OE, Lucas Magoon, Hans and Nils Mindnich, Jake Welch, Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, Forest Bailey, Ethan Deiss, and Blake Paul had flown into Denver to celebrate the culmination of their efforts. Here at SNOWBOARDER, we can say with an unbiased outlook that the riders in SFD, along with the filmers and editors, made a hell of a movie. Stay tuned for a full break down of the film and while you wait, enjoy the story of Snowboard on the Block told by the above photo gallery.


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