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By: Laura Austin

For most of you the summer months are a time to work on your farmers tan… but for a lucky few, they get to walk into that first day of school with a goggle tan. Not that goggle tans are cool, but the fact that you got to snowboard is. And if you are one of these lucky souls that convinced your parents to fund a week of riding at Mt. Hood instead of sending you to fat camp, you might be wondering what it is that you should bring up to the glacier. To help you out we asked some people who know a thing or two about spending their summer months near the snow, here is what they have to say….

cory grove

Two things you will definitely need those dollars for: Cory Grove’s (pictured right) Cobra Dogs and Bryan Fox’s (pictured left) chick’s Volcano Cones.

1. Dollars: Cory Grove (Cobra Dogs Founder)
Bring your dollars. Obviously I would say that. But for reals, mow some lawns and beg your mom. Trust me, Government Camp has so many opportunities to make you poor the rest of the year. Like the staff sale, the coaches don’t get paid much so not only do you get good deals on next years shit, you are helping someone out that does this for the love of snowboarding. Make sure you spread it out wisely, though. You do not want your diet of Volcano Cones, and late night sour straws from Mt. Hood Food and General Store in jeopardy towards the end of the session. Also, practice your dodgeball skills, the “Government Camp Headhunters” will destroy you either way but it never hurts to be semi prepared.

Watch this video… Ted Borland has game.

2. Your Game: Ted Borland (Digger)
Anything that’s gonna be entertainment for the digger zone. Kids getting loose, consistently weird snowboard moves, interesting kits, all of that kinda stuff. No need to be a hero out there, just keep the digger zone psyched and your good to go on hill. They gotta want it ya know… these tricks aren’t gonna learn themselves. I don’t really care about what they physically bring to camp, that’s what the babysitters club is for haha.


Just beause it has the word ‘Sharp’ in it, doesn’t mean it will shave your face Robbie.

3. A Sharpie: Robbie Sell (ex Snow Pro, ex photographer, ex pizza chef, keyboard clicker)
Campers should always have a Sharpie™ on them, so they can have a visiting hotshot snowpro autograph their possession of choice.


Tim Zimmerman

This is a bit extreme, but you get the idea.

4. An Open Mind: Tim Zimmerman (photographer; Summer Photo Workshop instructor for 7 years)
This pertains to any activity you’re going to be engaging in at Summer Camp but ESPECIALLY the Photo Workshop: bring your open mind and curiosity. Well, the camps have been photographed millions of times and all the cliche angles are there for the taking. A lot of the photographers coming to camp have never seen anywhere like Mt. Hood and rather than sticking to trying to re-create shots they’ve already seen they should be ready and willing to explore a little more. Also, the instructors are going to throw out some basic parameters that apply to almost every action sport: show the takeoff and landing, give us a reference. Aside from that the sky is the limit. Every single year I’m surprised by what some of the students see up there.


Hironaka hat

Double rainbow.

5. A Good Hat: Austin Hironaka (Pro Snowboarder/Windells Coach)
One item that you would HAVE to bring to summer camp would be… A good hat. Some type of Boonie hat or rice picker hat. Its gotta keep the sun out of your face, stay on your head, and set the latest trend in snowboarding.

One of the session videos from last year… you’re going to want one.

6. Money to Buy a Session Video – Mark Dangler (HCSC Filmer)
Every session HCSC puts together a 20 min DVD highlighting the past 8 days. Get a snowboard, skate, or dodgeball shot in the flick and most importantly head to the camp store to take one home for yourself. It’s a good way to remember all the boarding and fun and brag to your friends who were sitting in front of their tv’s all summer.
Russell sun protection

7. Sun Protection: Russell Winfield (Ex Pro Snowboarder)
Since snowboarding in the summer is like placing yourself in an oversized reflective bowl, sun protection is essential! Gotta keep the skin good!!! Y’all ain’t gonna be kids forever!

Ryan Paul shows you what you could do with your snowboard if you bring it.

8. A Snowboard: Ryan Paul (Pro Snowboarder)
You're gonna need it.
Nick Visconti Internet

9. An Internet Device: Nick Visconti (Pro Snowboarder/Windells Coach)
Whether its your Laptop or iPhone, you’ll need instant access to the outside world. No one will believe your having the time of your life unless your wasting the time of your life by constantly Facebooking your status update with a linked photo. I.e “Dropping into the the Kink Rail”… “Gutted the Kink Rail”… “Damn technology, If I wasn’t blogging on the kink rail, I wouldn’t be waiting for Ski Patrol”.
Scotty Arnold Skateboard

10. Skateboard: Scotty Arnold (Pro Snowboarder)
Most snowboard camps have good skateparks on there facilities. Bring your skate with you to camp and enjoy the skateparks. I end up skating as much as riding when I’m up there.
Scott Stevens Dodgeball

11. Dodgeball Shoes: Scott Stevens (Pro Snowboarder)
I don’t really play dodgeball too much during the season… so when summer rolls around I hardly want to skate or snowboard. Dodgeball is first priority. HCSC has a lot of dodgeball pride . Games get really intense and that sand can be a bitch to get outta your skate shoes so gotta pack dodgeball shoes.
Burtner Open mind

12. Open Mind: Jesse Burtner (Pro Snowboarder)
Bring an open mind to summer camp, the kids I see having the best times are the ones that are willing to branch out, try new things and meet new people. Don’t get too caught up in what you were or think you were in your home town. Other than that, sunscreen!!

13. Antacid Product: Mary Walsh (Windells Snowboard Marketing Director)
Pepto Bismal or you choice of antacid product – Chef Ryan at Windells uses as many local ingredients in the camp kitchen as possible, and camp food is downright tasty, so you’ll fare well there. It’s after dinner that you may need some Tums, for the nightly activities going on around campus: frosting-eating for Sage Kotsenburg’s birthday, Technine’s doughnut-eating contest, snake races through the skatepark, or going upside-down on the trampolines. There’s so much to do off-hill and the only place you really want to be getting sick is in the park on Timberline.


Preston Snowboard

Looks like we should have put out this checklist earlier.

14. Your Snowboard: Preston Strout (Camp Director / Co-Owner High Cascade Snowboard Camp)
Sure it seems obvious… but when you look around at some camps these days, it seems like most of their kids brought skis to camp by accident. Ha ha… In all seriousness, bring UV protective goggles, if you’re headed to Hood, it’s almost like taking a journey to the surface of the Sun.