SNOWBOARDER Hangtime with Will Lavigne, Nic Sauve, and Louif Paradis

Will Lavigne, Nic Sauve, and Louif Paradis caught up with SNOWBOARDER Creative Director Pat Bridges in the first-ever SNOWBOARDER Hangtime. Nic, Louif, and Will google+ chatted into a video call while in France to premiere Déja Vu. These three riders, who are heavy contributors to the current street riding landscape in snowboarding, talked with SNOWBOARDER candidly about filming their movie, style, their crew, and more. Check out the first Hangtime to hear the thoughts and opinions of three of snowboarding’s best.

We’ve pulled out some of our favorite moments from the video, check them out:

4:30  – What went into the making Déjà Vu
15:31 – The filming process
22:25 – #SleepWars
27:30 – Favorite tricks
30:14 – Overhyped/overexposed tricks
33:02 – The crew talks style
38:40 – The future of jibbing and how it's changed over time
47:03 – Who can grow the manliest beard in the crew?
49:50 – Frank April tears a butt muscle
57:00 – What's next: Déjà Vu 2.0