360 stalefish. Snoqualmie, WA. Photo: Huggy


We've all heard that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but what this anecdote fails to take into account is that an old dog can still invent new ones, and this was the case for Peter Line in 2008. Since his last major film part in 2001's True Life, rumors of a Peter Line comeback have been constant. Last season, Peter returned to top form for Forum or Against 'Em , proving why he will forever hold his place as a true snowboarding legend. Pete provides a new take on familiar terrain like the "Devun stump," which gets handplant transferred and a Montréal church wall, which he gaps out to on a switch backside 270. Rather than sitting back content in knowing that he's still "got it," Pete plans to once again film this winter for Forum's new team video and The Life and Times of Peter Line, a biopic by MDP.

DOB: 08.3.1974
MOUNTAIN: Summit-at-Snoqualmie, WA
SPONSORS: Forum, Foursquare, Electric,
Vestal, Cobra Dogs

Forum Snowboards' Forum or Against 'Em

"Everyone above him on this list would not be doing the tricks they are doing if it wasn't for his progression over the years." – Eddie Wall

"He paid his dues for his video part, showing up all the youngbloods." – Danny Kass