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Austen Sweetin. Seven Springs, PA. Photo: Tim Peare


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Though we call it out on the cover, Seven Springs is certainly not "deadly." Especially if your name is Austen Sweetin, who got himself his first SNOWBOARDER cover at the Pennsylvania playground. An On Deck last issue and a cover this month, Sweetin is most definitely–ahem–on fire.

In October 2010 issue you'll find…

street smarts

Scotty Stevens, Keegan Valaika and Louif Paradis are leading the recent rail riding resurgence, and although their images, sponsors, and styles may differ, their principles surrounding snowboarding as a whole are vastly similar. Sit down with the head of the class, and take good notes.

Seven Springs

Pennsylvania is better known for selling steel than building balls-out parks, but not for long. Come along as Austen Sweetin, Alec Ostreng, Niki Korpela, Stevie Bell, and Niko Cioffi kill it in the Keystone State.


Relative rookie photographer Jeff Hawe got his big break last winter when the Absinthe crew invited him to shoot from the heli for a few bluebird days in AK. Needless to say, Jeff hit it out of the park in his big league debut.

Feed Me

Liam Gallagher documents the Nike team's eco-friendly shred trip from Nor Cal to the Northwest in the Greasebus. Danny Kass, Laura Hadar, Eric Jackson, Johnnie Paxson, Austin Smith, Annie Boulanger, Justin Bennee and Gigi Rüf hit the open road while stopping to smell the French fries along the way.


Kyle Clancy, MFM, Heikki Sorsa, Bryan Fox, Lane Knaack, Chris Bradshaw, Joe Sexton, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Austin Smith, Aaron Biittner, Jesse Burtner, Derek Dennison, Keegan Valaika, and Chris Grenier head to Hood to determine who has the best pro model on the market.

Hana Beaman Cover October

Hana Beaman. Valdez, AK. Photo: Ashley Barker

Goggles, gloves, helmets galore…and more. Our third issue's Buyer's Guide showcases the finest accessories on the market in this A to Z almanac. In this issue, you'll find everything you need to add to your ensemble that'll keep you looking cool while you're out in the cold.