COC, Whistler, BC. Photo: James Holm

COC, Whistler, BC. Photo: James Holm


"He's got it all." -Gigi Rüf

Eiki Helgason came out of nowhere and produced one of the best video parts of the year in his first-ever full season of filming. The young Icelandic rider made his inaugural trip across the Atlantic to film for Rome's No Correct Way, and in no way was the "Ice Man" gonna let his win- ter go to waste. With a seemingly never-ending barrage of rail tricks and backcountry booters, Eiki nailed hammer after hammer. From hardway 270s to double corks, Eiki's overabundance of on-and off-hill stomping landed him the ender in the film. Plainly put, Helgason was the fresh- man standout of this season, even gaining praise from the legendary JP Walker, as "The Don" was forced to amend his catchphrase after seeing Eiki's part to "Helg-uhhhhhh…son."

DOB: 9/5/1987
MOUNTAIN: Hlidarfjall, Iceland
SPONSORS: Rome, Oakley, DVS, Skullcandy, Monster, Frontline
STANCE: Regular

1st, Frontline Rail Jam

Rome Snowboards' No Correct Way, Actionhorse's Pony Tale

"Out of nowhere completely! That's the real meaning of a rookie; to me anyway!" – Jeremy Jones (JIB)