• The Lost Samurai

    Kazuhiro Kokubo Interview
    By: Pat Bridges and Tom Monterosso
    Kazuhiro Kokubo is way past due for an interview, and with this Japan issue, there was no other rider even slightly considered for these coveted pages in print. Quiet in nature, reserved in discourse, and explosive on-hill, Kazu is finally granted his time to talk.

  • Shakin’ In Their Boots

    Technine Survives the Quake
    By: E-Stone
    When Dylan Thompson, Lucas Magoon, Travis Kennedy, Jake Devine, and Jonah Owen crossed the Pacific in search of new terrain to ride, they didn't expect that they would live through one of the largest earthquakes in world history. E-Stone shoots and writes one of the most astounding firsthand accounts of any travel feature we've run in a long time.

  • Found in Translation

    Neil Hartmann, Man in Japan
    By: Colin Whyte/Redcard
    For years, Neil Hartmann has been the go-to guy for any team looking score in Japan. Part announcer, part filmmaker, part photographer, and full time family man, Colin Whyte pens a perfect perspective piece about snowboarding's most beloved expat.

  • What the Hell is Car Danchi

    By Neil Hartman
    There's an underground car club in Japan, and no, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker aren't in it. A small crew of Japanese locals found out long ago that the amenities provided by the north island were much more accessible by car…literally. Meet the cult that lives in the parking lots of ski resorts and roadside rest stops in search of endless first runs and bottomless fresh tracks.