words and photos: Aaron Blatt

On Saturday the 13th of September, the city of Denver hosted the second annual Snowboard on the Block, a gathering of the ages for the Mile High City’s shred enthusiasts. At the core of the event were the world premiers of quite a few of the top snowboarding films, including Videograss’ May Day, CAPiTA’s Defenders of Awesome 2 – Stay Bad Ass, and The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword. Amongst the crowd, fans could find stars of these movies including Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, the Mindnich boys, Jake OE, and Mike Rav, along with many, many more. With Danny Kass and the Dingo hosting the event on the main stage and the Misfits closing out the evening with a headlining set, Snowboard on the Block was truly a heavy hit.

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