words and photos: T. Bird

Core retail is the lifeblood of this industry and no one in snowboarding works harder at a grassroots level than reps and shops. For those of you older riders, I'm sure you remember what your local skate or snowboard shop meant to you, as lurking at my hometown store created some of my most favorite memories that are etched into my mind. As for the younger generation, sure, they may shop online quite a bit more, but last Friday, at Satellite Snowboard Shop in Boulder, I got to witness dozens of kids leaf through actual, tangible products during their big tent sale, and the look on their face at the plethora of inventory and the options of things to buy was awesome, and I'm pretty sure they're not getting that experience while scrolling a website on their laptop at home.

SNOWBOARDER partnered up with Salomon to premiere Resolution for the local Boulder scene, and to make things more exciting for the crowd that turned out at Satellite, Salomon flew three of their riders that are in Resolution out for the showing, Chris Grenier, Harrison Gordon, and Louif Paradis. We all landed in Denver on Thursday and found out that Travis Rice's new film, The Fourth Phase, was premiering in Denver, so Grendys sent a quick text to our buddy Aaron Biittner and we darted off to downtown Denver to check out the flick. A massive crowd showed up, both to the movie and the afterparty, but we couldn't stay too late, and we booked it to Boulder that evening for our big night on Friday.

After a full day of skating and hanging with the Satellite crew, we headed over to the shop where dozens of local shredders were buying product during Satellite's big tent sale and as the sun started to set, Raul Pinto, JG Mazzotta and the rest of the Satellite crew hustled to tear down the tents, put the sale items away, and started making popcorn and setting out candy and product for the kids who showed up to see Resolution. Before the film went on, Raul gave a little speech and pulled a few local girls out of the crew to introduce them to the crowd before showing their season edit, and I must say that the future of the snowboard scene in Boulder is in very good hands. After that played, the Satellite crew premiered Full Moon Films' new flick, Full Moon and it features some absolutely unreal powder riding. Actually, hell, all of it is powder riding, and it is awesome. If you haven't seen it, do so. ASAP.

Finally, Resolution went live, and although I'm not going to give you a synopsis of our entire movie, the three riders in attendance at Satellite have three of the most solid parts, and it was really cool hearing the crowd laugh, cheer and "ooh" and "ahhh" at certain points of the film. I truly think they enjoyed it and I hope you all buy a copy on iTunes after reading this if you haven't seen it.

Basically, it was an incredible Friday night hosted by true-and-true snowboarders, and that's what we need more of. Feed the grassroots, shop local and make sure that if you consider yourself a snowboarder, then give back to snowboarding, in any way you can, because we need it now and we will need it from here on out to ensure that our local scenes are strong for generations to come. Huge thanks to Kevin Stevenson at Salomon, as well as Louif, Grendys and Harrison, and a massive thank you to Raul, JG and the Satellite crew for welcoming us to their scene with open arms. I can't wait to do it again!