It’s very rare you get a video that includes David Benedek, Lucas Magoon, Gerry Lopez, Tex Davenport, Brandon Hammid, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Garrett Warnick, and even a goat pulling in-runs, all on the same rider list. In short, the new episode of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine delivers. Start off by checking out early season at California’s Mammoth Mountain. Get to know Brandon Hammid in an FYI and then get some perfect powder in BC at Baldface Lodge with the Vintage Snowboard Traders and a grip of legendary riders. The 2014/2015 season has been off to a great start, although snow may be a little hard to find in some places, in others it’s been nonstop. One thing that hasn’t been nonstop is the amount of good times being had by all. Check it out.

00:00 – Intro
02:22 – Mammoth Early Season
04:07 – FYI: Brandon Hammid
06:57 – Early Season At Baldface
10:18 – Closing Credits

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