Welcome to the first episode of SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine, a bi-monthly digital digest that strives to educate and entertain those individuals who view snowboarding as not just a pastime, but the pastime of their lives. The same emphasis on cutting edge action and gritty content that has made SNOWBOARDER a must-read mag is one click away in this full-screen, live action format. Each Video Magazine episode contains original departments including Remote Access, Higher Learning, Heat Sheet, Downtime, Brand Identity, and Tall Tales, featuring your favorite riders at the “wish you were here” events and locations across the globe. Episode 1 covers the beginning of Mt Hood’s 2013 summer season with an FYI checkout on DC and VG’s rookie standout Justin Fronius, Heat Sheet contest coverage of the Bode Merrill Minipipe Invitational, The Downtown Throwdown Feeder qualifier at Windells, a Remote Access report on Woodward Tahoe, and a Higher Learning Trick Tip on alley-oop handplants with Marie Hucal. Now push play and let SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine pull you in.