The long days of summer are looming, but in a few holdout regions have ample snowfields rife for taking turns. If you unfortunately aren’t near enough to one of these areas, episode 15 of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine is here for your summer snowboard fix. Check out what’s been going on in the Windells and High Cascade parks in the opening montage, and then head to summer’s most renowned banked slalom, the third annual Drink Water Rat Race. In Brand Identity, Pat Moore and Eric Kovall talk about the heritage of East Coast seminal wax brand, ASS Industries. Next up, make sure you know Frank Knab, a New Yorker-turned-Mammoth local who tackles both big mountain and Main Park terrain with equal tenacity. If you’ve ever spent time at Mammoth, you have undoubtedly seen Frank throwing down in the jumpline. We know our viewers are as hungry for snowboarding as we are, but are you just plain hungry? Jaeger Bailey provides the insider scoop on making the perfect on hill sando in the HCSC kitchen. Head back on hill to Viktor Simco’s event, Ollies for Alzheimers, which was recently held at Hood for the first time. This event is always a good time and donates to a great cause, so this is a must-check out. In Remote Access, the Nitro team  matches slackline-walking, bb gun-shooting obstacles with a stack of hammer shots in the Woodward Tahoe park. Finally, a closing montage full of hammers rounds out this installment of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine. Give it watch, and then replay as needed until the snow falls, or the next episode of the SBVM comes out.

SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode: Early July.

0:00 – Opening Montage
2:00 – Heat Sheet: Drink Water Rat Race
5:52 – Brand Identity: ASS Industries
8:00 – FYI: Frank Knab
9:55 – Jaeger Bailey Makes a Proper Sandwich
11:11 – Social Media: Ollies for Alzheimers
12:11 – Remote Access: Campfire Obstacles with Nitro and Friends at Boreal
14:16 – Closing Montage