It’s official, winter’s here and that means the November issue of SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine is bringing the goods to your computer screen from around the world with plentiful amounts of the white stuff. First up is one of our favorite SBVM montages to date. It’s two minutes and forty-eight seconds of Sven Thorgren in Austria; Chris Grenier, Nic Sauve, Will Lavigne, and Christy Prior in Colorado; Jaeger Bailey and Jared Dawoud at Mammoth; Ryan Manning and Tyler Nicholson in Whister; Cooper Thomas and more at Big Boulder, Pennsylvania; Austin Young, Jesse Paul, and Cody Beiersdorf in Wisconsin; Jamie Nicholls indoor laps; Brighton, Stubai, Keyston, Trollhaugen, and some POV pow shots from the legendary Chad Otterstrom. It’s a packed intro to not only episode 20 of the SBVM, but to kick in some extra stoke for winter. Make sure to check out some clips from the newest DIY jib spot in CO, Red’s backyard, with Red Gerard and Blake Axelson. After this solid warm up, the November 2014 edition of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine gets to know Nils Mindnich, the younger half of the brothers Mindnich and rider in The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword. Nils grew up riding the steeps of Stowe, Vermont before heading west at age fourteen. Now a SLC local, Nils can be found lapping with fellow Lick the Cat members or scaling rock faces. Familiarize yourself with one of the most stylish up and comers in the game and listen to what he has to say, because Nils speaks the truth. Get a sneak peek at the Giro Snow Team–spoiler: it’s stacked and make sure to watch the Foreword teaser. The video is still available on iTunes, so get a copy for yourself to watch and re-watch this winter, you’ll be glad you downloaded it. Head to Japan for Burton Rail Days 2014 and watch highlights of Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Frank April, Jaeger Bailey, Yuma Abe, Zach Aller and more as they take down the Tokyo city set up. Alex Cato comes through in Higher Learning at Brighton Resort in Utah, explaining how to do nollie boardslides, a nice tech trick with which to warm up into winter. And finally, the first episode of the new Dragon #WeAreFrameless World Tour drops on December 4th right here on and for this edition, Spencer Schubert, Blake Paul, Tommy Gesme, Forest Bailey, and Gigi Ruf went global. Watch the teaser and stay tuned, the first video is going to be epic. It’s all closed out with more shredding from around the globe from some hefty talent, so sit back and enjoy SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 20: November 2014.

0:00 – Opening Montage
2:48 – FYI: Nils Mindnich
5:58 – Giro Snow 2015
6:33 – Heat Sheet: Burton Rail Days in Tokyo
8:24 – Dragon #WeAreFrameless World Tour Teaser
9:17 – Higher Learning: Nollie Boardslides with Alex Cato
10:17 – The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword Teaser
11:02 – Closing Montage