SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 9: January 2014

The ninth episode of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine is dedicated to Andy “DJ A-Dog” Williams. In this video, enjoy footage from the Grand Prix in Mammoth and the European Open. Head to Canada for The Greg Todds Memorial No-Board Race and get to know Ben Ferguson in this month’s FYI. Learn cab spins in Higher Learning with Dustin Craven and follow Elena Hight in chapter 3 of Hight Hopes. Check out Brick and Mortar shop, Salty Peaks in Salt Lake City, Utah and go back to 1994 with footage of Ali Goulet in this month’s Lost and Found. Plus there’s tons of riding from all corners of the continent so sit back, press play and enjoy SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 9: January 2014.

0:00 – Remembering Andy “DJ A-Dog” Willaims
1:30 – Opening Montage
3:12 – Heat Sheet: Greg Todds Memorial No-Board Race
5:13 – FYI: Ben Ferguson
7:32 – Volcom: Dan Brisse
8:02 – Higher Learning: Cab Spins with Dustin Craven
9:48 – Hight Hopes – Chapter 3: New Focus
14:32 – Brick and Mortar: Salty Peaks
14:32 – Lost and Found: Ali Goulet 1994
16:00 – Under Armour: Dustin Craven
16:30 – Heat Sheet: Mammoth Grand Prix Olympic Qualifiers
18:50 – Closing Montage

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