Words: Evan LeFebvre
Photo: Espen Lystad

This week we caught up with another born and bred SLC shred for the Vital 20. Aaron Biittner has come along way since banging out an all-time last minute part in FODT’s 2004 release, Moment Of Truth. Now head to toe on the new DC program, Biitts is working harder than ever–getting shots, maybe taking some shots, and sealing up his part in MDP’s high profile and highly anticipated flick, Double Decade. Aaron’s a good dude with great style, and he makes snowboarding at that level look way easier than it is. He’s as smooth as they come and he’s got years ahead of him—stay tuned.

Stance: Regular.

Sponsors: DC, Oakley, Celtek, Kicker, Park City, Milosport, Skullcandy.

Hometown: SLC.

Home mountain: I RIDE PARK CITY … and occasionally at the bird.

Setup: DC PBJ board, DC test bindings, DC Field boot.

Special Tuning: Fresh DC kit, forward lean-at least a notch or two, maybe a little edge rounding when I hit handrails, and all the other fine tuning goes into my iPod.

Tricks: Still workin' on the straight air … if I could bust methods like Terje and Bjorn, that's all I would do.

Food: Curry In A Hurry (SLC), Molca Salsa (SLC), Tori (Helsinki), Mongoli Grill (Whistler), Top Ramen, Spaghetti-O's.

Drink: Coffee, Red Bull, H2o, Tequila.

Hobbies: Skate, surf, music, travel, read, chill.

Heroes: Snow surfing pioneers—Dimitrije Milovich, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Sherman Poppen.

Music: Rap and reggae, beats, classic rock.

Places to ride: Anywhere where some good homeys are present … and some good snow helps too.

People to ride with: STEEZYRIDERS.

Places to party: SLC, NYC, Helsinki, Oslo, LA, Portland, Whistler, Tokyo … and the list goes on.

People to party with: Missionaries.

Best moment on a snowboard: Can I please have another?

Best moment off a snowboard: I probably showed up late and missed it.

Contests or videos: I'm obviously partial to videos.  Contests are dope, but there's always a couple "competitors" that make me bummed out for snowboarding. I guess that also goes for vids too, but on a much smaller scale.  These bros don't even deserve to be called out, they'll learn …

Quote: "Everything is good in moderation…including moderation."