Chris Grenier is the man. He's a diverse dude, and a real individual. He doesn't ride like anybody else and he doesn't fit into any of the molds that the Internet nerds would like to put him in. Grendys is a loose guy, but when it comes down to it, few match his work ethic. He put in a lot of overtime this past year filming for the TWS video, Get Real. Dirty G stayed off the party train altogether and handled business—even going so far as to pay a dude $500 to hit a rail. Is that a write off? Chris also lost a harsh game of rock paper scissors this year and had to lick a handful of warm dog shit.
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: 23.5 inches            .

Sponsors: Salomon snowboards, Celtek gloves, L1 outerwear, Dragon goggles, Magical Go Go wax, and Fat Trax snowboard shop.

Hometown: Southboro, Massachusetts.

Home mountain: Mount Snow/Ward Hill.

Setup: Salomon Scout, Salomon bindings, and whatever boots I can get my hands on.

Special tuning: Wax with that Magical Go Go, and I like to keep those edges razor sharp when I'm not jibbin'.

Tricks: Stalefishes, frontflips, backflips, any flips actually. The heinous chuck, which I can't actually do. I'm down for double chucks and meat helicopters—gotta love that stuff. Any trick really.

Terrain: Halfpipe, fun rails, and powder.

Food: Millie Burger, Albertos, Pho99, Park Café and Dunkin Donuts.

Drink: Coffee—Dunkin Donuts large iced coffee preferably.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, snowmobiling, building shit in the backyard, motorcycles, go carts, camping, drawing, home run derby.

Heroes: My family.

Music: JEEZY.

Places to ride: High Cascade, Massachusetts.

People to ride with: Steamy Stevens, Bode, Austen Granger, Lane, S.C.O. Dolche, Bear Claw, Chris Carr, Dick Tucker, and Timmy Ronan.

Places to party: In the garage.

People to party with: My brother, Massholes, Austen Granger.

Best moment on a snowboard: Every time I ride with all the fellas.

Best moment off a snowboard: I have no idea, snowmobiling … that shit is so fun. Or no wait, maybe my bros wedding.

Quote: "Your gonna wanna bring a sponge, this footage is pretty soggy…" —J.F.