PHOTO: Bro a.k.a. Erik Hostetler

PHOTO: Bro a.k.a. Erik Hostetler

Raised on the cold, frozen tundra of Big Lake, Minnesota where he and his brother Bjorn still keep their infamous "Jib Farm"; Erik "Mule" Leines was transported to the high, dry mountains of Utah at an early age where he and BJ honed their now world-renowned skills on the infamous steeps and deeps of Snowbird Mountain Resort.

Erik's put in work on a snowboard for years—with video parts and magazine spreads ranging from pre-Luminous Llama to Escramble, and beyond. Nowadays in-between cliff drops and face shots when the six-inch rule* is in effect, Erik has taken on the brunt of the many responsibilities that come with running Celtek—a glove and accessories company that he started a few years back with BJ. But best believe when the aforementioned six-inch rule is in effect, you'll be standing behind Mule and a few of his Clansmen in the Snowbird Tram line.

*The "six-inch rule" as defined on If it snows more than six inches, you drop everything and go snowboard with your friends. We feel pretty good about this rule, and dropped it in our suggestion box in the ol' SNOWBOARDER lunchroom … I wonder how long we can collectively hold our breath for as a staff?
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: 24" wide, ¾" back from center.

Sponsors: Celtek, Volcom, Oakley, Nixon, Vans, Natural Light.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Home Mountain: Snowbird, Utah.

Setup: Limited Edition Celtek 161, Vans Hi Standard, Union Force.

Special tuning: I use Celtek Speed Nugs Wax before every session. De-tune for rails. Sharpen for East Coast.

Tricks: Method my way around the mountain.

Terrain: First tracks, powder kickers, urban cliffs, halfpipe, natural.

Food: Sushi, steaks, all of it.

Drink: Coffee.

Hobbies: Surf, skate, music, art, hang with the lady.

Heroes: Dad, Richard Woolcott, Terje, family.

Music: Whatever Bennee Blanco is playin'.

Places to ride: Canada at Shandy Land, Chips run at Snowbird, Milli at Brighton.

People to ride with: Bjorn, Forrest, Lung, The Clan, Celtek groms.

Places to party: Whistler, Chamonix, NYC, The Neptune 500.

People to party with: The Clan!

Best moment on a snowboard: Been too many, so lucky. Any moment where I do something sketchy and come out un- scathed I guess.

Best moment off a snowboard: Family.

Quote: "If you aren't on the ground dead, then pull yourself up and do it" —Matt Hoffman.

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