The video game can get political sometimes, and it seems like Gabe Taylor, who is one of the coolest guys and best snowboarders we know, has gotten the short end of the stick in years past. Ending up with a seasons worth of legit stuff on the cutting room floor for whatever reason. Luckily for us though, that was not the case this year and our boy GT put it DOWN, and put together an awesome part filming for Grenade's latest production, The Boned Age. If you haven't already seen it get out there and pick up a copy stat! We're gonna catch up with Gabe a bit more about filming last year and what he's looking forward to for the coming winter. Be on the lookout for a SNOWBOARDER Spotlight with GT coming to a computer screen near you soon.
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Regular, 22.5 inches wide.

Sponsors: Artec Snowboards, Allyance Clothing, Dragon, Mammoth, Active, 32, etnies, Grenade, Coal, Union, Purl Wax.

Hometown: Encinitas, CA.

Home mountain: Mammoth, CA.

Setup: Artec GT 155 in soft stuff, 151 in the park, 32 Lashed Boot, Union Force bindings.

Special tuning: Detune at the tips and wax a bunch. I'm not that heavy so a good coat of wax helps a ton.

Tricks: Methods and tailgrabs.

Terrain: Backcountry trips, powder days up on the hill and the Mammoth park.

Food: Sushi Rei in Mammoth, Rico's in Encinitas.

Drink: Pacificos and Pepsi One

Hobbies: Surfing, golfing.

Heroes: My family and LT—LaDainian Tomlinson from the San Diego Superchargers.

Music: Pinback, Three Mile Pilot, Michael Jackson, Iron Maiden.

Places to ride: Mammoth, Whistler, and Kyle Clancy's house near Jackson.

People to ride with: Peter, Danny, Bobby, Benji, Silent Greg, Shawn, Julien.

Places to party: Whiskey, Lakanuki, and the Taylor family couch.

People to party with: Amanda, Oren, Loz, Lamont and the rest of Mammoth. You pretty much see the whole town when you go out and everyone is pretty fun to hang with.

Best moment on a snowboard: Filming for The Boned Age was pretty fun this year. We had a couple days in Canada that were so sick. Benji and all the Canadians took care of us and showed us some good stuff. I'd never really been there so it was fresh and new to me.

Best moment off a snowboard: Amanda and I went to Indonesia a few years ago and I'd have to say that was right up there. And last year we went to Orlando and went to all the theme parks and hung out as total tourists, so fun.

Quote: "I'm not your ordinary every day fool."  Clark Griswold in National Lampoons Vacation.