Words: Evan LeFebvre
Photo: Oli Kurzemann

Stance: Regular, Euro-stance.

Sponsors: Volcom, DVS, Dragon, Nixon.

Hometown: Au.

Home mountain: Arlberg.

Setup: 155-161 cm board, Soft boots, freestyle binders.

Special tuning: I align my highbacks with the edges of the board and detune such at the nose and tail area.

Tricks: No cheats.

Food: Must taste and fill.

Drink: Juices mostly thinned with water.

Hobbies: Gaze.

Heroes: Am not looking back for directions.

Music: On airplanes or bike rides—I am an overall listener.

Places to ride: Everywhere there is snow.

People to ride with: Anyone except posers.

Places to party: Anywhere there are fun people.

People to party with: Friends, family, clowns, magicians or billionaires.

Best moment on a snowboard: Getting off the lift.

Best moment off a snowboard: Alive.

Contests or videos: Hate the challenge of both.

Quote: "Follow your nose."

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