SNOWBOARDER Vital 20: Jed Anderson


Words: Evan LeFebvre

Jed Anderson is gonna turn some heads when he drops his part this fall. We anticipate a lot of pros quitting and a lot of girls ripping their clothes off when the young Calgarian's footy comes out. We think God, Tupac, and Biggie might even come down from heaven and big up the kid. Seriously though, little Neddy's board control is ridiculous and the proof will be in the pudding this September when the Cheese Dicks video hits the streets.

Stance: Between 19" and 20.5" … a little this way, a little that way.

Sponsors: Salomon, Nike Snowboarding, DAKINE, Airblaster, The Source, Cobra Dogs, Cheese Dick Gang—

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Home mountain: C.O.P.

Setup: Salomon Drift, Salomon bindings, Nike boots.

Special tuning: Sometimes I dull my edges a bit.

Tricks: Ollies, nollies, fakie ollies, switch ollies.

Terrain: Resort powder, tranny.

Food: Jimmy’s, Peter's Drive In, home food.

Drink: Smoothies, milk shakes, juice, pop, water.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, drawing, music, biking, party, school, travel.

Heroes: Friends and family, any one who is truly themselves.

Music: metal, garage, punk rock, hip hop, hardcore, nerdcore.

Places to ride: Bear Mountain, Canada Olympic Park, Kicking Horse.

People to ride with: Gfoy, Nick, Jake O.E., Mertle Beach, Ben Lynch … all my Cheesedicks.

Places to party: A house, a roof, the woods.

People to party with: The Cheese Dick Gang, high school homies, lots of girls.

Best moment on a snowboard: Taking laps anywhere that has powder or a fun set up.

Best moment off a snowboard: skating, chilling with family or friends, bustin' a nut.

Quote: "I used to ride my dirt bike into the woods and jack off." —Joe Carlino.