Words: Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Reggies.

Sponsors: Stepchild, Union, Thirty-Two, etnies, Ashbury, Elm, Magical Go-Go, Cal-Surf.

Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Home mountain: Hyland Hills.

Setup: Stepchild Jib Stick 148, Thirty-Two Ultralights in black size 9, black Union bindings—they are all good.

Special tuning: File edges if needed.

Tricks: Ollies, front boards, fun ones.

Food: Potstickers, candy, cheeseburgers.

Drink: Coke, Tahitian Treat, limeade.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, fishing, antique shopping.

Heroes: John Hodge, all my friends, Reynolds, Johnson, JP, etc. …

Music: Old stuff, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Buffet, Elvis, Lil Wayne.

Places to ride: Bear Mountain, any place with some sun and good vibes.

People to ride with: All my friends—too many to list.

Places to party: Someplace wild, or mellow, with good fun vibes and no fights [laughs].

People to party with: Friends of course, maybe a stranger I guess.

Best moment on a snowboard: A lot come to mind, mostly just the times when you cant stop smiling cause your having so much fun.

Best moment off a snowboard: Any time I'm skateboarding or fishing.

Contests or videos: Yeah those are cool.

Quote: "It costs a lot of money to look this poor"— John Hodge.