Aside from myself, Gabe Taylor, Brian Thien, and a few others not many ripping, naturally gifted snowboarders have come out of sunny Southern California. Joshua Mills is one of the few others. I've known Josh for a number of years, I first met Josh up in Big Bear at our then home mountain. He's always been a good friend, and he's always been a hell of a lot better than me at snowboarding. I was kidding earlier, all of those guys are a hell of a lot better than me at snowboarding. I moved out to SLC this winter and Josh has been lurking here the whole time, posted up indefinitely at his Nitro Team Manager, Tonino Copene's house, eating their food and watching their movies. When he's in town and not out focusing boards on rock landings, or video chatting with hot babes on the internet, I hang out with Josh pretty much every day drinking coldies and shooting the breeze. Josh is a good dude and a ripping snowboarder—buy his board, it's really cool and he needs money!
–Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Regular, 23.5".

Sponsors: Nitro, L1, Raiden, Comune, Ashbury, Active.

Hometown: Menifee, CA.

Home mountain: Bear Mtn.

Setup: Josh Mills pro one-off 155, and the team 159.

Special tuning: None in powder, and on rails I take some edge off.

Tricks: Stiffy mute, bs 180, fs 360.

Terrain: Anything fun.

Food: In-N-Out.

Drink: Water, coffee, Pabst.

Hobbies: Surfing, skating, exploring.

Heroes: Clint Eastwood.

Music: Yes.

Places to ride: Bear Mtn., Brighton, the NW.

People to ride with: People Crew, Skeleton Crew, Tonino, Craighill, Paulson Brothers, Curtis Sorensen.

Places to party: CA, OR, UT, East Coast and Europe and Japan.

People to party with: Newport kids, Skeleton Crew, Hometown friends and anyone at the Ciszek house.

Best moment on a snowboard: I used to live with Fox and my friend Peter in Gresham, Oregon and we would ride Mt. Hood Meadows everyday. On the days it was raining we would put trash bags on and go to this tree well and make a jump out of it. A lot of times we would make a little cave to hang in for a bit—that was the best right there.

Best moment off a snowboard: Motorcycle ride.

Quote: "Kill 'em all and dip the little ones in shit".