Forget energy drinks; you know you've really made it when a restaurant sponsors you. Bozung rode for a now defunct pie shop in Whistler that kept him alive for a few months; Chris Bradshaw rides for Get The Burger up in Bear—one of the best spots in town; the entire SNOWBOARDER Mag' staff is on the Desi's program on Main St. also in Big Bear; and our boy, The Don—JP Walker rides for Molca Salsa in Salt Lake, the most legit taco shop in the city. He also bangs that M-O-B-B, parties at CK1's house, runs weird old bindings, and tucks into the green room. Read on.
– Evan LeFebvre

Get the Vitals on one of the most influential and talented shredders of our time JP Walker.

Stance: Reg, 23″ 18° -15°.

Sponsors: StepChild, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Oakley, Nixon, Dakine, Milosport, Molca Salsa.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT.

Home mountain: Brighton

Setup: StepChild JP Walker 154, 147; ThirtyTwo Prospect boots; and my bindings are a compilation of five different bindings, full Frankensteins—some of the parts are seven years old.

Special tuning: My Stepchild boards come from the factory with RETT technology. That means the edges are already dulled between the feet and they gradually get sharper towards the nose and tail. Therefore I don’t do any special tuning.

Tricks: Definitely.

Terrain: Anything that can be ridden and everything that shouldn’t be.

Food: Sushi, Pizza.

Drink: Water.

Hobbies: Skating, Surfing.

Heroes: Jeremy Jones, Mitch Nelson, Seth Huot, Danny Way, Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Colin McKay, Roan Rogers, Noah Salasnek, Sean Kearns, Peter Line, Bryan Iguchi, Geoff Rowley, Ronnie Creager, Guy Mariano.

Music: Mobb Deep.

Places to ride: Bear, Whistler backcountry, Brighton, The Spot, The Rail Garden, Stockholm, Muller Park, Minneapolis.

People to ride with: Jeremy, Seth, Mitch, Simon, Joe.

Places to party: Chicken’s House.

People to party with: Chicken.

Best moment on a snowboard: Every time.

Best moment off a snowboard: Surfing or skating.

Quote: "Uuuhhhnn son?" "That’s bolt’s!" "Beastie!"