Keegan Valaika had a real good year filming with Nate Bozung, Matty Ryan and the rest of the BozWreck crew. Based on what we've seen up to this point, and how many times we've heard Nate raving about Keegan killing it, we went to Vegas and put all our money on an ender in BozWreck II. Support the piles and pick up a copy this September.
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Regular.

Sponsors: Electric, Burton, Active, Gnarly.

Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA.

Home mountain: Bear.

Setup: Burton Love 152, P1 bindings, and some Hail boots.

Special tuning: I drill holes in my bindings so these old highbacks I have fit.

Tricks: Handplants, and frontside ollies on quarterpipes and lil' hips.

Terrain: Anything.

Food: Carne Asada torta from La Sirena.

Drink: Whatever's free

Hobbies: Skateboarding, drawing, skimming, editing n' filming.

Heroes: Jimi Hendrix.

Music: Most stuff. I've been really into Jefferson Airplane these days. And of course Biggie is always dope.

Places to ride: Bear, Quebec, Brighton powder.

People to ride with: BozWreck—I’ve never had half as much fun on a snowboard as I did shredding with those guys this year. It’s so sick to film with them because there’s no pressure at all, everyone’s homeys that I actually like to ride with, not just some random people my sponsor decides I'm gonna go film with.

Places to party: Quebec or Laguna.

People to party with: BozWreck. again.

Best moment on a snowboard: The last time I was on one. Red ledge, after four or five hours of digging. Or getting to go heliboarding in Chile—that was insane.

Best moment off a snowboard: Learning 360 flips. Nah that's not it, but I can’t think of a good one and that was a really good feeling after three years of doing 270 flips.

Quote: "When the power of love, overcomes the love of power. The world will know peace."