Photo: Evan LeFebvre

There are a handful of riders out there that snowboarding needs more of. Laurent-Nicolas Paquin is one of them. A freethinker, a drifter, a ripping shredder, and an all around good guy—he's all of those things as well as a crusty, original card carrying member of The Dirty Kids. Laurent's got moves, style, originality, cool hair, and now he's even got a SNOWBOARDER cover (October 2008). Oh and he's on the go list for Skeleton Crew.
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Rome, Holden, Ashbury, Grenade, RVCA, Empire.

Hometown: Charny, Quebec, Canada.

Home mountain: Stoneham, QC, Canada.

Setup: Rome Artifact 147, Rome Libertine size 8.5, Rome 390 Bowie binding.

Special tuning: Dull edges and a sweet sticker job.

Tricks: Hippie jump, foot plant, bs 180 on, switch nosepress, Method.

Terrain: Anything, but mostly street and park.

Food: Jess’ chow mein.

Drink: Stella Artois

Hobbies: Skateboarding, playing guitar.

Heroes: Louif Paradis, Ben Bilocq, skateboarders.

Music: Psychedelic, power metal, gypsie music.

Places to ride: Everywhere.

People to ride with: Louif, Ben, Will Love, Greg D, Jake, Jed, Dirks, Max Legend, all my friends.

Places to party: Around a campfire with bros and brews.

People to party with: The Boys.

Best moment on a snowboard: It’s always the best.

Best moment off a snowboard: Skateboarding.

Quote: “Lets go skate!”