Photo: Bob Plumb

First and foremost, Matty Ryan is a loose cannon. He's a reckless individual on and off his board, but he's also a creative individual, a business owner, and a good friend of ours. As real people and hard partiers do, Matty's had a lot of ups and downs over the years but he's alive, and he along with co-conspirator Nate Bozung is now a proud co-owner of BozWreck Snowboards—the hard goods extension of their SLC based empire. Keep an eye out for Matty and the rest of the BozWreck crew as they put together the third installment of the BozWreck trilogy this year–BozWreck 3000.
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Regular.

Sponsors: Holden, Ashbury, BozWreck, Drake, Northwave, Comune.

Hometown: Manchester, N.H.

Home Mountain: Rail Gardens.

Setup: My BozWreck board.

Special tuning: Dull edges.

Tricks: I can open a beer bottle with my snowboard.

Terrain: Inner city.

Food: Pasta.

Drink: Starbucks

Hobbies: Traveling, piling out, snowboarding, skateboarding, thrift stores.

Heroes: Anyone that is tryin' to do the damn thing.

Music: Skip Bifferty.

Places to ride: Rail Gardens, Quebec City.

People to ride with: All The BozWreck homies.

Places to party: New York is the best spot to party hands down.

People to party with: I'm down to party with whoever I just like havin' a good time.

Best moment on a snowboard: First time I rode my BozWreck board.

Best moment off a snowboard: Just seein' everyday life go down while traveling around and just cruisin'.

Quote: "Sleep by day and live by night." —Skip Bifferty.