nate-bozung-dWords and Photos: Evan LeFebvre

Stance: 24" somthin', 15/15—I always forget though.

Sponsors: Neff, Sessions, Electric, Milosport, Bozwreck, Sacred, myself.

Hometown: Pacific Palisades, La Habra, SLC, wherever the wind blows my high ass! I'm running gypsy status again—fuck it! Where you live at hottie? I'll fly out.

Home Mountain: Any mountain that gives me a pass so right now its Bear Mtn. and Park City—big ups! But just go to the rail gardens and we’ll chill.

Setup: Bozwreck board, and Driscoll at Burton hooked up the binders and boots—jeah son!

Special Tuning: Round that shit out.

Tricks: Yeah I need a trick so hit me up!

Terrain: Alps.

Food: Huh?

Drink: Ah man that's a hard question! It comes down to whatever has alcohol in it [laughs]. I'm an alcoholic but I'm the best one you'll ever meet. Sorry mom, this is a crazy world.

Hobbies: So many things, skating and chilling for sure but pretty much traveling town to town opening up shop.

Heroes: The more I learn about life the more  I lose respect for a lot of things. It's a whole different world than what I imagined, and I'm just tryin' to keep from drowning, so I guess none.

Music: Lil Wayne, any reggae.

Places to ride: Buller in Australia, Athens, Greece, SLC rail gardens, anywhere really—name a place, been there done that.

People to ride with: Bozwreck crew! Chris Eekotte, Keagan Valaika, Cale Zima, Body, Timmy, Simon, SFK Crew, Antho, Hank, my bro, Gareth … f—k there are so many! Chronic Crew, Love Life Crew, Buller Crew, Droz's crew in France … I could go on forever—Katsu in Japan!

Places to party: Wherever I'm at.

People to party with: Anyone with a smile.

Best moment on a snowboard: F—k I don't know? I was on mushies in Whistler thinking I was Bruce Irons surfing! It was pretty much the best moment that comes to mind, that was a fun ass day you have no idea. Mogul runs and shit—it was amazing.

Best moment off a snowboard: Today cause it's a new f—kin' day and I'm still here.

Quote: "Money over bitches!" Straight up.