Words and Photo: Evan LeFebvre

I spent the past six months living with Nick Dirks in Utah, and Nick spent the past six months talking about how much he hated Utah. Nick doesn't take snowboarding or himself too seriously at all, which is refreshing in the age of the X Games. He drives an '84 Toyota pickup dubbed the "Coyote Killer" (for good reason), he loves to suplex our neighborhood cat Meatball, and he has a dread-hawk. An overly agitated security guard at the University Hospital in Salt Lake put it pretty well when he said; "Son, you don't care about anything, do you?" No sir, I don't believe he does.

Stance: Irregular.

Sponsors: Airblaster, K2, Nike, Ashbury, Dakine, Comune, Exit Real World.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon.

Home Mountain: Brighton, Utah.

Setup: World Wide Weapon, K2 Formula bindings, Nike Zoom Force.

Special tuning: Occasional wax.

Tricks: belly flops, surf turkey, being upside down, slashing and slapping,

Terrain: Tight trannys … oh yeah

Food: Indian, Thai.

Drink: BEER—many types, and purple carrot juice.

Hobbies: Photography, skateboarding, drawing.

Heroes: Friends.

Music: 60’s garage, sludge metal.

Places to ride: Mt Hood.

People to ride with: Max, Tyler, Evan, Jarad, Lil Wiz, and Harrison Gortex.

Places to party: Portland.

People to party with: Max, Tyler and Jarad.

Best moment on a snowboard: Ages fifteen to eighteen, everyday.

Best moment off a snowboard: Living with good friends.

Quote: "I could kick a cat over that."