SNOWBOARDER Vital 20: Nima Jalali


Nima Jalali wears a lot of hats. He loves hats. Figurative hats anyway, 'cause I think he only has one literal hat, one of those black fold up beanies from Active. But figurative hats, well he has a number on at all times no matter how hot it is outside. For starters Nima, a.k.a. Tommy Skanks, Trouser Pilot extraordinaire is the Co-Owner, Production Manager, and International Sales Manager of recently established Ashbury Eyewear; he's a pro-model wielding snowboarder for Artec among other brands; and even he's come on as Music Supervisor for the newly formed Videograss production company where he's cracked open his top secret vault of tunes that you don't even know about for the upcoming, and highly anticipated shred-flick. Skanks has a lot on his plate these days, his little head must get hot as hell with all those hats on, I bet his goggles fog up all the time.
– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Goofy.

Sponsors: Ashbury, Artec, L1, Comune, Flux, Active, 32, etnies, Elm.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

Home mountain: Bear Mountain.

Setup: Artec Nima Board, 32 Ultra Lights, and Flux Titans.

Special tuning: I take a file to my edges to make them round.

Tricks: Backside 360's on bump flats … I like all tricks, I just hate toothpicks, I hate doing them and I hate seeing people do them.

Terrain: Snowboard parks, handrails, moguls.

Food: Sushi is good.

Drink: Sierra Nevada—I'm stuck on that these days.

Hobbies: Anything with the homies.

Heroes: Johnny Thunders, Danny Phay, Blind Boy Grunt, Sky Saxon.

Music: Early 60's garage, and Sky Sunlight Saxon almost exclusively.

Places to ride: Bear Mountain exclusively.

People to ride with: Lance Hakker, Kooley, Johnny Miller, Justin Meyer.

Places to party: The Roost, Red Lion, The Good Luck Bar, Little Joy, or at my flat.

People to party with: Chopak Dumpings, Ned Casual, Tone, Vingz, Jacob Van Orden, Dirty D.

Best moment on a snowboard: Any moment on my snowboard is the best.

Best moment off a snowboard: 80 degrees, Los Angeles, homies, and the drink.

Quote: "Being noticed can be a burden. Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. So I disappear a lot."