seth-huot-harley-dWords: Evan LeFebvre
Photo: Matt Grossman courtesy of Northwave.

Utah loc' Seth Huot is going through some changes these days, he's buckling in atop uber exclusive Volcom snowboards, and by the time you read this he'll be a rad dad. Seth's been a heavy in the game for days, and is one of the most solid consistent riders out. After you read this, be sure to check his part in the heavy upcoming MDP release, Double Decade this fall.

Stance: Not a Democrat or a Republican, oh I mean Regular, 23 inches.

Sponsors: Volcom, Dragon, Northwave, Drake, Nixon, Ogio, Milo, Kicker, Bear Mountain.

Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

Home Mountain: Brighton.

Setup: Volcom snowboard (you can’t get them yet), 158 for pow, 155 for park, 148 for jibs, Northwave Five boots, Drake DTM bindings—all setup to my preferences.

Special tuning: Dull edges for rails, detuned tip and tail blends for pow, detuned in the center and tip and tail for park.

Tricks: I like tricks, I have a few, would like some more. I like to watch friends do them as well.

Food: I like food for the moment, for instance, good healthy food when I have time, and good tasting fast food for during or after sessioning.

Drink: I need coffee in the morning, I’m a piece of crap without it, I kinda got hooked filming the Volcom video [Escramble] a couple years ago, Wille and I went nuts on coffee.

Hobbies: A lot actually, lately I've been doing a lot of metal work, just sitting out in my garage welding and grinding. Sounds lame to all you hipsters but it's so sick when you slap some dope ass handlebars on your scoot and rip around town.

Heroes: My pops, my wife, my brothers, my friends.

Music: I'm all over the place there is so much cool stuff out there. It's awesome when you discover something that was popular years before and has been out forever but everyone is over it or moved on. For instance, I just now got into Liquid Swords, I went through my whole Wu Tang phase without cracking it, and now I'm on it and it's awesome.

Places to ride: Utah, it is so consistently good here, the weather is usually either snowing or its sunny, you can get a lot done with little effort.

People to ride with: The Spot crew, those guys are the best.

Places to party: Shit makes you crazy man.

People to party with: Only crazies.

Best moment on a snowboard: This season, Brighton, first going off pow day of the year, can’t really explain it, all I know was I watched JP in front of me throw some skiers off the traverse hike as we ran across lapping the Mary Chutes—epic.

Best moment off a snowboard: I will get back to you in about a week or so—he isn’t born yet.

Contests or videos: Brainstorm, Represent, Happy Hour, Shakedown, Chulksmack, From ____ with Love, Escramble, Picture This, Double Decade, first Red Bull Heavy Metal rail contest.

Quote: "Bolts!!!"