Photo: Tim Zimmerman

Photo: Tim Zimmerman

We thought it would be a good change of pace to break up the Vital 20s with a non pro. A non pro 'boarder that is, 'cause Tim Zimmerman is a consummate professional, and one of the greatest, most celebrated snowboard photographers this sport has seen. Zimm spent the lion's share of the last year, and many years prior, with Travis Rice and his co-conspirators as they fired off some of the heaviest moves to date filming for the acclaimed Brain Farm Productions film, That's It That's All.

If you get a couple minutes you should check out a video Interview with Zimmerman that is up on Quiksilver's In the two part interview hosted by certified babe, and former photograpy student, Sarah; Zimm goes behind the scenes of some of his favorite, and most impressive shots from the last year spent in Jackson Hole and beyond with the TITA crew. Yeah Tim. Hi Sarah.
—Evan LeFebvre.

Stance: Democrat with centrist leanings. Wait, I'm goofy.

Sponsors: Visa, Mastercard, and Bank of America.

Hometown: DuBois, Pennsylvania.

Home mountain: Holiday Valley, Ellicotville, NY.

Setup: Lib-Tech Skate Banana, DC Allegiance Boots, and Burton P1 Bindings.

Special tuning: I detune my boards quite a bit and tend to set my stance back a little bit so my 30-lb camera pack doesn't make me starfish in the powder. I like binding with zero forward lean or really pliable highbacks as well. Again, the heavy-ass bag can really dig into your calves, having pipe style forward lean leads to pain.

Tricks: I like a good forwards to backwards every once in a while. Sometimes I'll do a helicopter and even touch my snowboard in the air—I get wild.

Or not. Mostly I use my stay-warm-and-exercise-my-index-finger maneuver with my camera. Sometimes I turn dials, other times I flip switches. It depends on the day really.

Off the slopes I can get pretty wild with computer backups. I working on this one handed command+shift+option+apple+P thing that'd blow your mind. I'm thinking about unleashing it in the media tent at the X Games this year. Newspaper guys all around the world will be biting my style shortly.

Terrain: I'm stoked on anything I can ride my snowmobile to and that's usually powder. Leaving your camera pack in the helicopter usually leads you to awesome terrain as well. Not having a midget attached to your back can really sway the way you view the terrain you're riding on a snowboard. Nothing beats Forest Trail runs with Bridges either.

Food: I just made a New Year's resolution not to eat anything fried for a year. I've just removed the base of my own personal food pyramid … I'm a road weary connoisseur of all edible items from 7-11s and truck stops all over the Western United States. If I'm not on the road you'll find me with an oatmeal smoothie and Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Drink: Tap water in the US is just fine, stop with the stupid plastic bottles already. Aside from that give me a Magic Hat #9 or a Stella Artois and I'm just fine. Ah, seriously, just give me a beer.

Hobbies: Riding bikes, all kinds, any weather, any terrain.

Heroes: My mother and father, inspired souls, Seth Butler.

Music: All kinds except new hip-hop. I mean, come on, popular hip-hop died in 1992. How many more songs can you write about your f'ing car wheels already?

Places to ride: Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole, Terrace and Jackson Hole.

People to ride with: Some days I like to ride with my friend, the iPod. Other days I like to ride with my friends. If those friends are from Jackson then it's even better. I like to ride with people who inspire me through their views about the mountains.

Places to party: Shooters bar in Wanaka, New Zealand or any place with rockin' karaoke.

People to party with: Huggy comes to mind—sing it brother, sing it. Outside of that there's nothing like a good headlock from "Hank" Landvik or a slap in the face from a sauced up Curt Morgan.

Best moment on a snowboard: How about 10 bagless powder laps with Cole Barash in Terrace? It's either that or the moment I unstrapped, still living, after making it down the "mountaineering" route once we were done shooting Pontoon with H2O heli guides in Alaska.

Best moment off a snowboard: Making my parents proud. Pulling G's in a berm. Getting a photo in focus.

Quote: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." —Abraham Lincoln.