Words and Photos: Evan LeFebvre

Torstein Horgmo, the Norweigian shred-warrior is set to take the snowboard game by storm, Viking style. Well Viking style but minus the raping and the pillaging, 'cause that's not cool at all and Torstein is actually a really mellow kid. And maybe he's not even trying to take anything by storm, rather he's just having fun and sending massive airs over equally massive jumps … in any event, here are Tor's Vitals. After your done reading them wait a couple months and check out Torstein in the upcoming Standard Films release, Asthetica, and Park City's, I Ride Park City.

Stance: 22.5".

Sponsors: My Mom, DC, Oakley, Vestal, Park City.

Hometown: Trondheim, Norway.

Home mountain: Vassfjellet.

Setup: DC PBJ 153, DC Judge boots, Mission bindings.

Special tuning: Dull edges and wax in all the colors of the rainbow mixed together.

Tricks: Nollies, back lips and front sev's.

Terrain: Trannies, parks, pow and jibs, I think mixing it up is the most fun.

Food: Mexican and In 'N' Out.

Drink: Vanilla Coke.

Hobbies: Eating, laughing and skating.

Heroes: My family and my friends.

Music: I enjoy a lot of different types of music, depends on what I'm in the mood for though, I'll dance to anything!

Places to ride: Trondheim City, Park City, Terrace BC and Northstar.

People to ride with: Anybody that wants to ride with me.

Places to party: Oslo, Munich and at my crib.

People to party with: My friends back home, the DC team and people that want to come along.

Best moment on a snowboard: Jumping out the heli in Terrace to neck deep pow.

Quote: "Follow your dreams and don't give up, no matter how much sh*t comes your way."