SNOWBOARDER’S King And Queen Of Dew Tour—A Meaningless Title That Means Everything To Us

words by Stan and Clavin

Well, now we’ve done it. We’ve opened the gates to judge contest riders not based on factual evidence of scores, but overall impression. A decision that of course, we are making. First off, let’s state the obvious. Would Mark Clavin and I ever hit these jumps? We would not. Would Clavin talk about hitting the rails? He would, AND HE DID! BUT THIS ISN’T ABOUT US. This is about the Dew. This is about recognizing the Snowboarder Mag standouts in a sea of content produced purely on tangible results. Why give you more of the same? I mean, not only would we have to discuss scores and runs, which we might, but then we wouldn’t get to explain the vibe. And by god if we aren’t there to explain the vibe, then I must beg you the question. WHO WILL? VLOGGERS? Yes. The answer to that question is yes. So, it is our duty to assign these meaningless titles to riders after contests so the vloggers don’t have to, and if there is one thing we love, it is duty. Sure, Red won a Dew gold alongside Scotty James, Maria Thomsen, Miles Fallon, Jiayu Liu, and Jamie Anderson… but that means nothing to us. They already received their acclaim. This is about the rest the week that we sit on knuckles watching the best snowboarders in the world do their thing.

Danny Davis
Photo Credit: Mark Clavin
Danny Davis didn’t win the king title, but we wanted to use this photo somewhere.

King of Dew Tour: Rene Rinnekangas

Rene Renikangas_Team_sb_Final__modified pipe copper_dew_tour_2020_Clavin_33
Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

After careful consideration of various standout performances including Brock Crouch and Red Gerard in slopestyle, we had ultimately felt as though we would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t name Rene the king of Dew. Sure, it seems like the cliche decision for an accolade such as this, but honest to goodness, we don’t know any other way to shake this story. Brock led the powder day shenanigans alongside having an insane performance in finals, Danny had a solid showing in the one color kit that is currently setting the snowboarding world on fire, Kyle Mack took to the rails like a winged god trying to deliver a message, anytime we saw Sven Thorgren and Brandon Davis they did not fall, but Rene just had that je ne sais quoi. Is it a makeup call for not having this award last year for Dew Tour and watching Rene break through the scene? Maybe. But makeup calls are all over sports so don’t complain about that shit. Amidst admirable contest results in every single dew discipline from team challenge, to slope, to streetstyle Rene ALSO filmed clips of him jumping off two story roofs. THIS IS THE CONTENT WE DESERVE. He even hit the barrier powder wall during the streetstyle jam… that one kind of solidified it.

Queen of Dew Tour: TIED Jamie Anderson & Mother Nature

Snowboarder Awards
Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen
Jamie Anderson taking home the Queen spot, as well as 2020 Women’s ROTY!

What is better than throwing out the numbers used to give out podiums at contests? Bringing them back after throwing them out for a meaningless award that we just made up. You read that right. SCORES MAYBE DO MATTER, or not. Jamie Anderson was an alternate for modified pipe, competed in the team challenge in two different events, and ended up taking the gold in slope… that is pretty impressive. Just being on time to all those different events and practices alone deserves a punctuation award. And knowing Jamie Anderson, we think it’s safe to say she will be more than happy to share this victory with Mother Nature. Graciously blessing the entire contest with 36” of snow, Mother Nature gave us a powder vacation day in the middle of the contest, and even gave us some sunny days for tanning on the knuckles. That being said, the snow also turned the women’s slope final into a rail jam, which was kind of a bummer considering the trajectory women’s jumping has been on, so maybe we will demote Mother Nature to the Duchess of Dew Tour.

Mother Nature Danny DAvis
Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

Chris Grenier, Snowboard Pro + Snowboard Journalist Am-Pro.

Other standouts:

Nothing. We covered it all. We are professional snowboarding journalists, you think we miss stuff? Oh wait…

-Alexis Roland brought out the switch front board in the streetstyle finals!

-Chris Grenier went full Masshole on Dew Tour for a second year in a row.

SNOWBOARDER Awards… they didn’t go that bad!

-Benny Milam hits his face on a rail.

-Lenny Mazzotti hit his whole body on a rail.

-Jiayu Liu gets another title in women’s pipe.

-Yuki Kadono caught his tail going back lip (we think) on a gap-to-rail, savagely taco’d on the rail, rolled out, and was immediately lapping again like an absolute boss.

-Scotty James won his 11th pipe contest in a row (although he technically scored lower than Danny Davis in the team portion before ultimately still winning the overall with Oakley).

-The Burton team drove to Vail from Copper to get dinner after their riders won and almost got stuck overnight? What? They couldn’t just wait a week until the U.S. Open to eat in Vail?

-CLAVIN POACHED THE STREETSTLYE CONTEST… and fell. But landed a trick on his final try (not televised).

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