Snowboarding’s Biggest Wiener—Cobra Dogs Closes in Goverment Camp

It isn’t a goodbye, it is just a see you later. The most celebrated food cart in snowboarding culture is taking a break after twelve years of stoking out riders with top class dogs and friendly faces from Govy to Park City and back. From inside the famed red and yellow truck, careers, collabs, and a lot of hot dogs have been made, and it couldn’t have happened without the one and only Cory Grove. Backing riders like Bode Merrill, Scott Stevens, Terje Haakonsen, Desiree Melancon, Spencer Schubert, Ted Borland, Nirvana Ortanez, Alex Sherman, and countless others, Cobra Dogs is and will always be much more than just a staple in the summer snowboarding diet.

Ted Borland and Cory Grove in front of the infamous truck. p: Provided by Cory Grove

“Snowboard camp at Mt hood is a magical place. Cobra Dogs was perhaps one of the best pieces of that magical little puzzle. I was fortunate to spend four summers working alongside Cory in that strange but incredible little hot dog stand. It sounds weird to say but I think the cobra sauce was the glue that kept everyone together. Cory was so passionate about being a part of everyone's good times at Hood. There was always a fun new idea that Cory was coming up with, whether it was spending all day making one funny Instagram post, or a new t-shirt design. We only cared about creating rad little things and having fun while doing it. The hot dogs were pretty good too. But either way, Cobra dogs was never about making money. It was about adding to the vibe. It might seem like a bummer right now, but sometimes things need a break in order to continue staying on the path of radness. With everything changing this summer with the camps, this is just a good time for that break. Cobra dogs will be back someday, and you'll get that same feeling you always got when you ask for it Cobra style. Thank you Cory, Matty, wiz, hotsnake, spenny, scrill, and nirvana. Best four summers of my life. Cobra Dogs forever.” – Ted Borland, Pro Snowboarder

Alex Sherman, Ted Borland, and More: Cobra Dogs LDOH Circa 2013

“Cobra Dogs was more then just a hot dog cart it was an icon for after shred eats where you knew you would run into people with the same passion as you. It for sure helped me get to where I am today and I have Cory Grove aka “weena man” to thank for the opportunity to be apart of the cobra dog family. Those were some of the best years of my life!”- Alex Sherman, Adidas Snowboarding

Desiree Melancon and Bode Merrill share a wiener. p: Provided by Cory Grove

The full post from @cobradogs here:

12 years! Wow. It's a long time and a great run of endless, amazing, funny as hell stories… I'm just going to come out and say it, we need a break. There are a few reasons but time and family play the biggest role in this decision. We just need a Summer off. It all started in Govy with $700 and a dream with my good friend @jessegrandkoski , we had an idea and it went further than I could ever imagine. 12 YEARS! Wow! Our story is cool, all the way from when @draplin saved my ass and redesigned the logo in to the popular one it is today (I'm still so in love with that logo), to our rad spot at Park City and of course our heart and soul, and where it all stated, Government Camp, Oregon. Nothing can replace the coolest little sub cultures and general shaking up of those communities that we and YOU GUYS created. This was all of us. So many friends were made from this gig it's insane. I really have a hard time calling anybody a "customer", you guys were different. Cobra Dogs was different and I feel good about that. I feel good about all of it. Cobra Dogs is, and always will be the most fun thing I have done and will probably ever do. Again, thank you! IT'S JUST A BREAK! We will be back. Oh yes, we will. Love you all, cobra style, Ween (@corygrove) PS I'll be posting tons of archives, stay tuned!

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Terje Haakonsen and Russell Winfield, Senior Ween Team:

We at SNOWBOARDER just wanted to give a huge thanks for all the years to Cory and Cobra Dogs team! Just make sure you tell us where you park next so we can be first in line!

Don’t worry. They will be back. p: @cobradogs Instagram

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