words: Mary Walsh
photos: E-Stone, Aaron Blatt, and Mary Walsh
captions: Pat Bridges

By 4pm, we were all sunbaked. Not even multiple reapplications of SPF 30 could prevent extra vitamin D from soaking into skin, but no one was complaining. The second day of Snowboy Productions' Holy Bowly at Mammoth was pure Eastern Sierra blue skies and sunshine.

From the moment that the attendees of this edition of Bowly dropped into the set up for their second crack at the course, it was clear that brains had been working overtime overnight thinking about line possibilities. Yesterday's crew had grown, Chris Beresford, Chris Grenier, Bryan Fox, Gray Thompson and a grip more had arrived late and joined the fray. The heat came early and was peppered throughout the set up as trains rolled through on laps. Jake Kuzyk and Danimals were floating over tranny and berms. Tucker Andrews and Tim Eddy were leading a Side Hit Society backflip parade. Beresford, Grendies and a fully banana'd out Ted Borland were making quick work of all ups, downs, and in betweens, beginning with some mellow gapping the channel—notably Jake OE was walking the line from rider's left-to-right and up and over as well. Nial Romanek floated a back one Japan up and over the second bowl first thing. Mike Rav definitely made it to second base with some proper handplants on a buxom snow mound just above the cradle. Chris Roach was boning out grassers and buttering tables. Ian Keay was skimming deep bowl carves and butters. Jaeger Bailey was flipping out. Lucas Magoon was doing this and that all over the place, approaching every feature with his signature take. Brady Lem soared over the newly dubbed, "Titty City" down low in the course. Geno, Brewster and the Dino crew held it down. Vinny was doing some real messed up lines that need video to be truly appreciated. The Bowly-occupied zone was a cacophony of boarding as everyone sent it top-to-bottom as quickly as they could in order to get as many laps and hits in as possible.

Mid day, a session developed halfway down the hill as Zak Hale, b-day boy Sam Taxwood, Zebbe Landmark, Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Austin Hironaka, Erik Leon, Mike Gray, and many, many more started sending it high overhead into the afternoon sky. As the snow continued to soften, lines deepened and new tracks formed, continuously expanding on the litany of options at each juncture. Riders rose and fell above the skyline like kernels of popcorn. In person, standing to the sides of the plentiful tranny, different vantage points showed such different facets of the event. Once the 3pm rake was completed and the crew corralled in the small lot just through the woods from Chair 4, individual lines of site were shared. The options presented at Holy Bowly and subsequently the riding going down, is mental. Luckily, the first video of all the goods drops tomorrow morning, so stay tuned.

There’s lots more from this bastion of white wave carving; we're only two days in. Once again, a huge thanks to Holy Bowly sponsors Lib Tech and Monster Energy. Stay tuned to the Holy Bowly website on Snowboarder.com, @snowboardermag, @snowboardervideo, @snowboyproductions and of course, #HolyBowly for full coverage of this epic week of snowboarding.