Souvenirs is a 7-year highlight reel from Nowamean’s Jerome Page and it might be one of the heaviest edits of the decade. Jerome has inordinate acumen for staging shots, composing backdrops, and conveying snowboard tricks with maximum creativity. Although this treasure of a montage is grandly entertaining, it’s not without poignancy. It comes with a caveat: Jerome is stepping down from the full-movie business, and will now be limiting his digital enterprises to less girthy cinematic endeavors. We’d like to thank Jerome for all the masterful spellbinders he’s birthed in the past seven years, and look forward with avid impatience to seeing his future creations.

Riding by (in order) Dillon Ojo, Fred Lacroix, Alexis Mailhot, Gab Bélanger, Alex Gogo, Russell Beardsley, Thomas Gagner (TBAG), Jonathan Truchon, Antonin Chamberland, Cameron Hill, Alex Moite, Niels Shack, Richard Hope, Nic St-Pierre, Nicolas Marcoux, Nic “The Coach” Tremblay, Nic Roy, Phil Tardif, Max Verville, Jonat St-Marie, Jonat Tremblay, Vince Roy, Emile Veilleux, Axel Stall and Lp Dorval.