Early season for JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Simon Chamberlain, Blair McKinney, and Seth Huot means sessions at The Spot. This treasured zone in the woods has been around for eleven years, but only recently has the crew began to feel comfortable releasing photos and video from their sessions. This is due in part because last season, Brighton offered up a sanctioned area for JP and crew to build jibs and set up their pre-season zone. This second incarnation of The Spot has already been built into an area made for awesome times: banked turns, tree jibs, tranny features, targets for knife throwing and plenty of room for bonfires and enjoying winter at home before the travel season begins. Here are SNOWBOARDER, we’re stoked to partner with this group to release their full video from this stomping ground, The Spot 2013. So, enjoy early winter from Brighton and¬†JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Simon Chamberlain, Blair McKinney, Seth Huot, and Scott Blum.

For photos and words from JP, check out The Don’s Dispatch: The Spot.

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