From June to November, the SNOWBOARDER Magazine offices are pretty crazy. Our full staff is in one place, riders are stopping by while on SoCal surf trips, and we’re all immersed in the throes of putting together all of the issues of the print magazine. In early December, as snow starts to fly and lifts begin to move, the office gets much quieter. One by one, the members of our staff pack their bags and head out to different corners of the world, snapping photos, pressing record, shoveling spots, eating gas station food, sharing laughs, making turns, and taking notes in order to collect the pieces that will tell the story of the current winter. While much of our collective memories from the past winter are showcased in Volume 27 (on newsstands now), we wanted to take a more personal approach to the 2013-14 winter and as 2015 ramps up, share our favorite things that happened over the past twelve months. For the next week, Tom Monterosso, Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, John Cavan, Mike Yoshida, David Steigerwald, Pat Bridges, and I will share our favorite memorable moments from 2014 in top ten format.

First up is SNOWBOARDER Art Director David “Davidaisy” Stags. In his first full year with SBDR, Dave not only redesigned the look and feel of our publication, but made first turns at mountains he had never been to, secured footage in an otherwise girls-only edit (along with Yosh), and deftly managed the art of last call/first chair. To send off 2014 the right way, we kick off our 2014 End of the Year Staff Picks with none other than Davey Stags. – MT Walsh


p: Davidaisy

1. The art show at Studio 317: Because wine and pizza is awesome.

2. Ms. Superpark 2014: Probably the most fun I've ever had snowboarding and my first time ever to Mammoth.


p: E-Stone

3. The SNOWBOARDER Movie premiere in Salt Lake City: Parking Lot Boiz rule.


4. The November Guest Editor issue of SNOWBOARDER: Spending the better part of a month with Austin and Bryan putting together the guest editor issue is something I'll never forget. Ender/Ender.


p: E-Stone

5. Ben Ferguson’s method at the Launch on day 3: The amount of space he put between him and the ground was psycho.


6. Stax's monster starfish: It's so epic I can't put it into words.


7. Worm the goat: The only photo I've ever encountered that makes me laugh every time I see it.

8. Lucas Magoon comeback: The world was waiting for a long time.


9. Johnny O’Connor winning HDHR: I got to witness one my good friends and one of the greatest guys I know spend all his money on a flight to HDHR and risk it all only to come out on top.


10. That time Colton did SoCal and got a Zeachman on the gut.