The second installment of the Staff Picks Top Ten Moments of 2014 has been selected by SNOWBOARDER Photo Editor Ryan “Huggy” Hughes. Huggy is not only SBDR’s fearless leader when it comes to driving the look and feel of SNOWBOARDER’s photographic imagery, but also the head of the kitchen on all staff trips and a semi-professional karaoke singer whose depth of talent runs the gamut from slow ballads to revved up rap duets. During the season, Huggy is in the trenches shooting everything from contest runs to street shots and no matter where he finds himself, he is able to simultaneously capture vivid photos and locate the nearest pho restaurant. Below, enjoy ten of the most memorable moments of from Huggy’s travels over the past year. – MTWalsh

Top three, at least, were from traveling with the Foreword crew.


p: Huggy

1. Spencer Schubert jumping through the tree and landing on the far rail: I had butterflies in my stomach while we set it up. It just looked impossible, like it would defy physics. It ended up being his ender/ender/ender.

p: Huggy

p: Huggy

2. Watching the crew deal with a crack head in Rhode Island: This lady was speaking all sorts of crazy, one second trying to chop the jump down, the next telling Spencer she wants to marry him–all in Spanish. Filmer John Ray oddly knows Spanish and could translate.

3. The shred session at a dam in Michigan: The dudes stacked so many shots in one day. It made up for the serious hate we got from the cops the week before. No flex zone. No flex zone.


4. Watching Terje, Danny, and Scotty do a simultaneous method in the US Open pipe: I just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time where I could see all three of them with no overlap. After I shot the photo I got a tingle through my whole body. That never happens.


5. Sage winning Gold in Sochi. And Jenny Jones getting Bronze: Jenny’s parents stayed in the same hotel as us and they were funny as hell.


6. Bryan Fox and Austin Smith guest editor month: These guys were ten times more hands-on than anyone else. I actually had to file an HR complaint about it. They had me photoshop all of our staff on vacation. Bridges on the camel came out the best. The only bum-out was that Mary didn't like when I photoshopped her with the Navi people from Avatar. She made me do another one. (Scroll to the end of the post for more of the vacation photos.)


p: MTWalsh

7. Ms. Superpark at Mammoth: There is an annual auction where you can buy a shred date with the riders, and this year there was also a party afterward that got out of control. Everyone threw up that night except Yoshida and I.


p: Huggy

8. Woodward at Tahoe trip in June: I always get a warm, nostalgic feeling when I visit my old stomping grounds. We played some sort of back woods Olympic games in the forest with Knut Eliassen and the Nitro crew. I did pretty well at the rock shotput, but nearly threw my back out trying the caber toss.


9. Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails: Kinda the first event of the season for everyone, I reckon, and there is always karaoke at Murray’s. Yosh and I did our best rendition of “Get Low” by Lil Jon. A bunch of people in the front row of tables got up and left while we were singing, so I thought we sucked, but the homies said it was our best one yet.


10. Making pow turns: Anytime any place I get to make pow turns. That's my jam.

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