Tom “T. Bird” Monterosso may sit behind the Editor’s desk at SNOWBOARDER, but all winter he’s out of the office and on the road as he collects the images and experiences that he will weave into words to fill the pages of SNOWBOARDER Magazine and From first tracks in Europe to contests in Japan to street rails in Utah and park shoots in Colorado, you will be hard pressed to find an individual who can both float a nicer method and pen a punnier caption than T. Bird. In this edition of the SNOWBOARDER 2014 Staff Picks, our talented Editor extrapolates on his top ten most memorable moments of the year and deftly manages a poop reference, which is further reason he sits in the chair he does at the magazine, though we wouldn’t recommend sitting next to him after taco day at the office. Enjoy.


1. Finally getting to write a feature with my four best friends: I got the chance to give my best buds from college a dream trip to Mt. Baker and it was the best trip of my life. We rode pow by ourselves, springtime slush with Jamie Lynn, and fell into the quiet Glacier nights drinking beer, reminiscing, and giving each other endless amounts of shit. It was magical.



2. Watching Sage Kotsenburg win slopestyle gold in Sochi: This was a huge moment, and although I realized it while watching it live, I didn't really grasp the breadth of it until I got home. I was damn proud of Sage and still am. He's a great ambassador for snowboarding.



3. Hanging out with Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn and Terje Haakonsen in my college town of Plymouth, New Hampshire: If you had told me that these three guys were coming to my college town while I was enrolled in college I would've shit. And I'm not kidding. I really would've had to shit right then and there. So to see them in Plymouth was really huge for me. The best movie premiere I've ever been to by far.


4. The making of The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword: Seeing what the riders, filmers and photographers of this project accomplished was nothing short of amazing. John Cavan, Trent Ludwig, Jon Ray, Derek Weimer and all the riders and people involved made one hell of a movie, and it was really fun being a small part of it all.

5. The Return of Jake Welch: Not many riders have been given another opportunity let alone capitalized on it quite like Jake Welch. He's back, and he's better than ever and I couldn't be more stoked about that.

Danny Davis. p: Mark Imanuel

Danny Davis. p: Mark Imanuel

6. Witnessing Danny Davis make halfpipe riding cool again: I've always thought that halfpipe riding was dying a slow death since the inception of the superpipe, and it might still be. But seeing Danny Davis transition into the most important and influential halfpipe rider of the year was refreshing. Danny made people take notice of the little things that make something cool, and that' exactly what that genre of rider needs right now.


7. Working with Bryan Fox and Austin Smith during their Guest Editor issue: Note to any and all professional snowboarders who want to be a Guest Editor of SNOWBOARDER Magazine. If you don't put in the effort that these two did during the making of their issue, you need not apply. They worked day and night, tirelessly poring over every detail and the end result is one of the best issues of SNOWBOARDER to ever hit newsstands. Nice work, gentlemen.

8. The Dirksen Derby: What I believe to be the best event in snowboarding.

9. The Olympic pipe debate: Here's the truth: It was a shitty halfpipe. I've said it before and I'll say it again and again. It sucked. Terribly. And yeah, it was warm in Sochi. But it's warm at Bear Mountain, Mammoth, Northstar and dozens of other resorts and their pipes are up to par, so I stand by my conviction. However, the best pipe rider in that shitty pipe won that day, and I take nothing away from anyone. But still, that halfpipe was an embarrassment, as is the IOC.


10. The making of SNOWBOARDER's 28th volume of magazines: I work with the best people on Earth, and I thank them for that. It was a hell of a year. Here's to one more, guys.