Words and Photos: Matt Gormley

Friday, August 28, Seattle's King Cat theater sold out for the premiere of Black Winter, the latest shred epic from Standard Films. Presented by Monster Energy, Snowboard Connection, EVO and Lib Tech, Black Winter mixes steep terrain and avalanche horror footage with technical rails and spins off impossible obstacles.

Snowboard Connection hosted the pre-party with shred bros from Lib Tech and cold beverages. Post party options included seeing Jamie Lynn play with his band at the Bit, or watching DJ Sean C spin down at Del Ray. Seattle never needs an excuse to party…

Black Winter continues to push the envelope with camera angles and a hyper-creative approach to snowboard cinematography. Point of view angles had the crowd amped for the winter just three months away. Standard’s featured snowboarders utterly murdered their respective terrain of choice. Chas Guldemond spun every which way but loose, stomping each trick with an ear to ear grin. Xavier DeLarue drag raced down insane rocky lines that didn't make sense to anyone but him and the rail monkeys are busting 90 degree turns through square corners now. WTF? Insanity…

Local hero Mark Landvik, however, bent minds with a powdery freestyle attack that drove the crowd nuts. Set to the timeless Cream tune "White Room," Lando blitzed pillows, raced avalanches and stomped switch launches with a casual precision that often escapes notice. Landvik spends more time in the penalty box than most: two minutes for slashing!

Huge grins and high fives ran rampant at the King Cat. Cold beers seemed to be the only cure for the sticky Seattle summer air. With no rain for two months, everyone is hoping the winter results in a brutal beating of precipitation for Stevens, Crystal and Snoqualmie. Thanks again to the crew from EVO, SnoCon, LibTech and Standard Films. See you opening day at a mountain near you.