Kazuhiro Kokubo is a rider who has always chosen his own line and upon dropping in, has stood defiantly behind his turns, so to speak. His resilient and unapologetic approach to snowboarding in the places he feels strongly about, in the events and films he believes in, and for the brands he values has garnered him the utmost respect from both his peers and fans. It doesn’t hurt that he has an untouchable style and relentlessly impressive talent, as well. No matter whether Kazu is dropping into groomed, man-made transition, sending it deep off of backcountry cheesewedges, or exploring untouched big mountain lines, his riding is explosive, smooth and technical, all in one. While this Japanese rider is always delivers on quality, this past season he also provided quantity, producing not only a part in Tranworld’s Origins but also a silver medal-winning 2015 X Games Real Snow video. Additionally, it is this Japanese rider’s segments in STONP’s raw, homegrown movies that always offer up an earnest and vivid exhibition of his annual accomplishments. Kazu’s part in STONP or Die is a no-holds-barred barrage of the insane snowboarding that this young legend is capable as he continues to expand on his off piste accomplishments.  So, sit back and watch Kazu’s full part from this year’s STONP film. You will be glad you did.

The 48-hour premiere of Kazu’s full part is over, but check out the Stonp or Die teaser above and check out the full film.