Before gathering round the table to dig into the spoils of Thanksgiving, Strange Brew took advantage of the November snow in Tahoe and stacked some picnic tables to celebrate some of the things they’re thankful for. The result is a visual feast of jibbing (as opposed to jiblets), a video version of an overflowing plate full of turkey and mashed potatoes. While we’re sure you’re enjoying a coma-inducing spread today, here is the gravy to you Thanksgiving dinner, delivered piping hot from Tahoe by Strange Brew.

Featuring Jake Braseth, Pete Hodgins, Keenan Cawley, Marcus Rand, and Riley Nickerson. Filmed and edited by Brett Wulc.

From Strange Brew:

This is us giving thanks to Jason Borgstede, Jason Brown, Simon Chamberlain, and all the other shred dawgs that inspired the road we chose to see where it goes.