The sun may have set on the winter in Tahoe, but Boreal is filled with stars. The heavens have aligned. Strange Brew has done it again and who are we to not let them speak visually above, and in prose below.

From Strange Brew:

Suppose that stars were individual conscious beings, characterized, like people, through their transient actions. They had their own lives and duties and had beckonings and self-awarenesses of purpose and responsibility. They had desires to travel and love and lose and love again. They had desires to create and pursue dreams. They felt fulfillment through manifestation of those dreams. They felt frustration under short-comings and Cinderella stories. They felt sorrow after their creations were complete, a sorrow stemming from the artistic struggle. A sorrow that would suggest that one’s ephemeral achievements do not equate a finite journey.
Suppose that a shooting star is a fleeting being, traveling on to his or her next pursuit.
Suppose that when we strap to our snowboards and descend Boreal’s galactic face, we are shooting stars: celestial boarders.

Featuring Brett Wilkinson, Freddy McCarthy, Bryant Davis, Cory Rudolph, Ian Van Metre , Jacob Krugmire, Zander Blackmon, Colin Wilson, Matt Boudreaux (Boody), Kix Kamp, Chad Blau, Danny Kern, Erik Leon, Nial Romanek, Sam Neumann (Reddog), Rafe, Mizzle Adams, Riley Nickerson, Brady Lem, Ian Daly, Andrew Parsons, and Keenan Cawley.

Filmed and edited by Danny Kern.