No mai tais needed, this is Spring Break the Strange Brew way. As always, this crew has equal flair with their words as they do with their boards, so we will defer to them on the specifics, but we will say that there’s no beach day we’d rather be a part of than the buoy-filled experience featured above. Way to take lake life to a new level, gentlemen.

From Strange Brew:

There has been a slight disturbance in our journey. All the resort hopping and spot bopping set our collective head spinning. We longed for a breather, for a step out of winter’s world. A step into sand, a step into the belovedly over-exaggerated, culturally bizarro spring break. We were long overdue for an uninhibited release.

Considering we couldn’t afford a trip to Cabo or SXSW, we did the next best thing: we went to the beach in Tahoe. The sand was hard and no naked women were present, and margaritas were replaced by a couple Budweisers, and the only white was the few inches of actual snow scattered on said hard sand. Still, we were on a beach making questionable decisions. What the fuck ever, dude, it’s Spring Break. Ride the wave. :P

Featuring Keenan Cawley, Matt Aura, Aidan Flanagan, Sam Bakken, and Brett Wilkinson.

Filmed and edited by Brett Wulc.