The Strangers are back with episode two of the 2016 winter and they’ve brought their friends with them. Tahoe has been getting dumped on and in SB16_EP2, Kael Hill, Ian Daly, Freddy McCarthy, Felix MØbarg, Chris Tragos, Marcus Rand, Keegan Hosefros, Tim Humphreys, Kai Ujejski, Jacob Krugmire, Casey Pletz, Brett Wilkinson, Keenan Cawley, Riley Nickerson, and Jacob Luczak get down to business.

From Strange Brew:

Our last episode highlighted on the sorcery that occurs at Boreal (what they call “Boreal Magic”) and left the viewer on a transpersonal cliff, offering the supposition that perhaps what we are learning from this mountain has meaning beyond an affinity to our snowboards. Well, we kept boarding and we continued to discover new reaches of ourselves, to which can only be attributed to Her magical qualities. She has attracted new faces; those of ancient folklore and some of more recent conquests. Through this change, we have expanded our cult internally and externally: among all aspects of the boarder. Though we pursue this exploration into the mind and core, we still find ourselves as lost as ever. This is neither here nor there, though, as we have companionship and boards and Boreal’s spells to keep our hearts digging in what may not be the right direction . . . but at least it’s some direction.

Filmed and edited by Brett Wulc and Danny Kern.