For the third year, Street Cred has shut down the season at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire (yes, we know the resort is still open for another week–it’s figurative). Each spring, the illustrious Loon Mountain Park Crew led by Brian Norton has wielded blow torches and other metallurgy tools that we’re unfamiliar with to craft brand new, street-influenced features that are placed together on a trail with its own park chair at the base of the mountain. With creative pieces like the chainlink rail, concrete ledges, a ramp rail, double benches, stop signs, and a myriad of closeouts and creepers, Street Cred is far from an ordinary contest and is even further from a standard rail jam. For the day of the event, the set up is open while competitors lap the trail and ride what they choose in whatever pattern they desire, while judges station themselves at different features and hand out crisp twenty dollar bills for tricks that impress. An overall winner is tabulated, too.

This year’s iteration of Street Cred didn’t disappoint, with riders like Mike Ravelson, Brendon Rego, Christian Manhard, Dakota Whittaker, and more taking on the street set up. With $1500 distributed throughout the event to riders who put down solid tricks, Parker Szumowski came up an additional $500 richer by taking the overall win.

Thanks to Loon Mountain and sponsors Red Bull, 47 Brand, Oakley, Volcom and SNOWBOARDER Magazine.

Filmed by Johnny Benevento.

Overall Winner: Parker Szumowski
Honorable Mentions: Christian Manhard and Dakota Whitaker